Repair leather products,

repear leather is a regenerative material, which can be used for the repair of all leather goods. Our product is a combination of natural and synthetic materials, to give the best results in any type of leather surface. Repear has been designed specifically for repairing very delicate or easily damaged areas such as armchair seats, car seats and sofas, but also for heavy-duty applications such as truck upholstery.

repear is a high grade leather repair kit for leather furniture, shoes and bags. It is highly effective in repairing rips, holes, scratches and most other damage to leather caused by wear and tear or accidents. A single tube will cover an area of about 10cm x 5cm (4"x 2") on a sofa or car seat etc. Multiple tubes can be used if the damage is more severe.

Repear is an eco-leather made from 100% recycled leather scraps. It is a unique, patent pending process which provides for the upcycling of leather scraps into a useful product. Repear is genuine leather and can be used as a replacement material for leather goods such as jackets, boots, purses and furniture.

Repear Leather is a leading manufacturer of leather repair products. Since 1980 Repear has been a leader in the leather repair industry by providing quality leather care and repair materials.

Repair leather products, such as: Sofas, Armchairs and car seats.

The Leather Repair Kit is specifically designed for leather repair. The kit includes 11 different colors of thread, which are selected based on the color of the leather. With this kit you can easily change the look of your sofa or car seat!

Repairs with repear leather are possible for all articles that have been damaged from the following:

- Scratches

- Rubbing, cuts and tears

- Rips and burns

- Sunlight exposure, sun damage

- All other factors that cause fading of color and deterioration of materials.

belino cuir is a leather care product. Please note that the color of the leather, dye and resulting change in appearance will depend on many factors: age , finish, quality of the skin before treatment (sealed or not) etc ... (see below for more information ) The product can be used on all kinds of leathers except suede.

Repear is a leather repair product that can be used on almost any leather surface. This revolutionary new formula allows the user to repair damaged leather without damaging the color of the leather or creating an unsightly finish. Repear leaves no residue, making it perfect for car interiors, sofas and other upholstery. To use repear simply apply with a brush or sponge until completely absorbed by the leather. For best results use.


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